The Sand

Her blonde hair was flying with the wind. The only thing she could see was a tiny island miles away. She turned her back to the sea and walked through the beach, crossed the road which vanishs behind the hills. She sat next to the irish red haired women who was sitting in a small cafe, looking like a decoration from a desert scene. She put her shoes of and cleaned the sand out of her toes. Then looked up and "Hey!" she said and smiled.
"Hey! We can join them if you want."
"No. Let's just stay here for a while. It's nice."
Red haired woman just noded.
"Can you see the island over there" asked blonde. "Can you see how green it is? Hah! It's weird."
And she looked around to see trees or at least bushes. She couldnt find any. Only sand sand sand. Felt thirsty.
" Want something to drink?" she said " I guess we need to order something." And showed her the man, sitting at the corner of the bar. " He has been staring at me since you left."
"Ok. But I'm starving too."
"I'll just take a beer."
"What? Dont you think they have beer?" red haired asked.
"No. I dont know."
"We'll see." she said and she made "two" with her fingers to the waiter. "Bira" she said.
"I'll be right back" he said then ran out and left them alone.
Somehow he didn't accept two women drink beer in the afternoon.

"You didn't even ask me. You never do." blonde said.
"Yeah! like you ask me! Please shut up!"

And she did. For a minute.
"I can't stand that. Spit it out if you have something to say! Don't keep it!"
"Not the time and place. And it is a little to late. Isn't it honey?"
"But we didn't need it. I don't need it."
"Need? You shouldn't do it at the first place, you shouldn't have it at the first place. And you.. Should not... You.. Do you even even know the guy?"
"Who? Doctor? He was a family friend."
"No! Not the doctor. God! You dont even know him, do you? Have you ever think about me, about us? It was only a month Eli, You couldn't wait. And with a guy! God! A guy, you just met."
"Stop it! I already feel terrible!"
"And you think you shouldnt?"
"Please! Please!"

She watched the two gold fish in the tank for a while. That moment she realized gold fish is actually red.
"Red. Just like your hair" she said.
She breath out.

"What took so long. It's just beer."

He put the glasses on the wooden table. He asked if they need anytning else and went back to his corner. They didnt want anything more.

"Would you do him too?"
She didn't ask twice.

"I just need to know one thing. You'll want it eventually, wont you?"
"Yes. Eventually."
"What if we wont have the chance again."
"We will."

They drank their beer in quiet.

re-write of
Hills Like White Elephants
Ernest Hemingway
for VCD 150

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